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    題目:The role of energy engineering in addressing global grand challenges



    主講人:Prof Brian &Oacute; Gallach&oacute;ir

    Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering



    Prof Brian &Oacute; Gallach&oacute;ir is a Lecturer in Energy Engineering in University College Cork and Principal Investigator of Energy Policy and Modelling Research in UCC's Environmental Research Institute. His research focus is on i) bottom up techno-economic modelling of sectoral energy demand, ii) electricity dispatch modelling and iii) energy systems optimisation using TIMES. Brian is Chair of the International Energy Agency (IEA)’s Executive Committee on Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme (ETSAP). He is an elected member of the RIA Climate Change Committee and a member of the Technical Analysis Steering Group on Climate Change and Energy Security. Brian co-ordinates of UCC's taught Masters Programme (MEngSc) in Sustainable Energyand co-instigator of UCC's BE Degree in Energy Engineering. An applied sciences graduate of Dublin Institue of Technology, Brian moved to Cork in 1990 to carry out a Doctoral research programme in ocean wave energy in the Department of Applied Mathematics. From 1995 - 1998, Brian was Technical Manager of the Renewable Energy Information Office of Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. Brian is also a Strategic Advisor to Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland's Energy Policy Statistical Support Unit.

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